September days at home

Home sweet home 🏡 our little cottage in N.Ireland

Hello everyone it’s been a long time since I updated this little space but thought it was about time I said hello again. How are you? I hope your day is treating you well. My children have just started back to school in Ireland it’s the start of the term again and it’s the first year all of them will be in school. Little Annie is away to primary 1. It’s a mixture of emotions with them all being out of the house.

September on the barn steps outside my kitchen door. September is my favourite month to create

My days are mainly at home at the moment I’m still only working weekends in pharmacy and have no plans to change that any time soon. My priority is the running/organising of my house making sure all the little ones are settled into school I find September can be an up and down month until we find our routine.

Where all your orders are packaged up and sorted around the kitchen table

My little shop is getting a refresh I launched new greeting cards at the end of August I’m so pleased with them and how they have been received, packing up orders and sending them off in the mornings before I collect all the little ones is an absolute joy. I started listing things in my shop around 4 years ago and it felt really wonderful to make a product. I feel incredibly grateful that anyone would spend their hard earned money in my shop. Every sale brings a massive smile so thank you very much for supporting me on insta and the shop. Come Autumn time I will have a brand new product I can’t wait to get the proofs hopefully next week so you can see it and I will be refreshing all the prints it’s time for a change.

September in my garden and my 50p charity shop vase

Which brings me to September a month at home and a reset on the year. Time for some changes but still plenty of slow moments at home. I don’t live a busy life a conscious decision I made several years ago I know my limitations. Its something sometimes I struggle with as there is a big expectation I find to always be on the go but for now school runs a little work at the weekends and time for blowyinthewind is what works.

If possible find some time to relax. A bath is a rare event in my house.

Wishing you all a good start to September and I look forward to chatting to you soon.

Elizabeth x


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