I’m a wife, mother, and a little bit of a dreamer. Creating is my escapism – little moments of time out of my days. I drink too much tea, I’m a magpie for all things colourful and shiny, oh and I overthink so goodness knows what effect a blog will have on that. I live in N.Ireland on farm, in a very old house that my husband and I have been renovating over several years. Something always pulls me to the weathered objects it could be a rusty old tin or pretty ceramic with a chip out of it. To me they tell a story. Since I was a little girl I have always loved florals and this hasn’t changed over the years. This blog will be a collection of things I like, I haven’t made up my mind yet exactly what it will be. To be continued… Contact me at blowyinthewind@gmail.com and find me on Instagram as blowyinthewind.

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